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Shoes Caring Tips

Better Shoes – Better You

Thank you for becoming Zeeki’s valuable customer. It means a lot to us and the trust you have in buying our product, we want to honor it in real sense, because we believe our product stands tall, based on its premium quality.

We believe shoes are not just the shoes, they play a big role in representing your personality. Our customers are very special for us, and we just don’t make shoes, we do something very important that adds value to your personality. We want you to always look handsome, smart, attractive and stylish.

We hope you like and enjoy wearing Zeeki shoes and have a great experience. And our relationship just starts and we seriously believe in top class after sale customer support and that includes anything we can help you with regarding our shoes.

You have any questions or your need any support regarding shoe care, please allow us to assist you as we are just a call away.

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How To Best Look-after Your Zeeki Shoes

  1. Use ZEEKI WAX regularly
  2. Keep your shoes away from water
  3. Keep your shoes away from dust
  4. Keep your shoes away from direct sunlight
  5. After use, keep your shoes in the ZEEKI Shoebox

Preserving The Grace of Your Zeeki Shoes

Shoe care helps maintain the grace of your shoes. Always remove your shoes with care, using your hands, at the end of the day. Give your shoes a little break by using different pairs, and use shoe trees for those in storage.

Prevent Your Zeeki Shoes For Longer Life 

A lack of proper shoe care and cleaning can speed up the disintegration process. Dirt, debris, and stones that get stuck between the soles’ ridges can cause the material to expand. Over time, this can result in the soles cracking or, sometimes, even cause a small part of the soles to chip off.

Keep Foot Infections and Foul Odors At Bay

One of the primary health benefits of shoe care is to help prevent foot problems, such as bacterial infections. ZEEKI shoes are especially treated and that’s they are bacteria free.

The microorganisms that cause foot infections thrive in moist and warm environments. As such, shoes are a perfect place for them to thrive in. Cleaning, airing out, and keeping them dry can therefore help you keep your feet free of such health woes.

Make Regular and Proper Shoe Care a Habit

Proper shoe care lengthens the life of your shoes and keeps them looking great. More than that, taking good care of your shoes also helps you protect your feet from becoming stinky. All that should be enough reason to be diligent in taking great care of your footwear.

Avoid washing: Contrary to popular belief, the washing machine is a no-go zone for any type of leather shoe. Even the gentlest cycles can damage the glue that keeps your shoe together and make your soles look more worn down.

No air: Much like our skin, shoes require decent airflow to enable it to breathe so never store shoes in plastic.

Over-wearing: Constantly wearing a single pair of shoes can irreversibly damage the structure of them, in which case, no amount of cleaning can save it. Rotate your shoe wardrobe often.

Dry feet only: Always dry your feet before wearing shoes- damp/moist feet can cause a multitude of health issues and also causes shoes to get moldy.

Don’t forget to wipe: Mud and liquids should be wiped off as soon as possible, specifically from leather shoes to avoid stains.

Rotate your shoes: Ideally leave your shoes for a day after you have worn them. This will allow the moisture to disperse, keeping your shoes fresher and stronger. Shoes that have rested will last significantly longer than a pair worn every day. This may seem like we are pushing for another sale – but on the contrary a ‘rotated pair’ surprisingly will probably last four times as long as a pair worn every day.

Use quality wooden shoe trees: Good quality shoe trees will absorb perspiration from your shoes and help them retain their original shape. We use a high-quality Grove cedar for ours. And one pair will suffice. Insert the shoe trees after the day’s wear for 24 hours and then remove to use them for the next pair of shoes.

Avoid excessively wet weather with leather soles

Try to avoid wearing leather soled shoes in wet weather. Leather is a porous material and will deteriorate in excessively wet conditions. A rubber soled shoe would be a preferable option on such days. Inevitably of course, we will all get caught in an unexpected shower. In this case stuff the shoes with newspaper and allow them to dry naturally at room temperature without direct heat. Using a shoe tree will help to restore the shape.


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